Album “Ascension” is a debut. Six original songs and one remake, written in a contemporary jazz language, speak about love and humanity. 
Released in April 2020 for A.MA Records (Italy) as a vinyl and digital release.


Tim Dickeson, Jazzwise: “Sanja Markovic... is also an excellent saxophonist and composer, but her real power, to me, is in her voice - deep and exciting, with that emotion which makes you want to listen to her over and over again.”

Imran Mirza of Blue-in-Green RADIO: “Of the album's seven tracks, there isn't a wasted moment - the music is brimming with excitement and a tantalizing energy that begs repeated listens.....this album is Markovic's literal ascension to her rightful place as a respected and revered musical luminary in her own right.”

Viktor Cikes: “The debut album “Ascension” by singer Sanja Markovic ruins virtually everything you thought you knew about the Serbian jazz scene, except the fact that incredible music is being born here despite everything.”

Marcin Puławski, LMF Poland: “We had to wait until the last day of the festival to hear more Serbian artists, where, among others appeared phenomenal Sanja Marković - composer, singer and multi-instrumentalist. Her concert was a great surprise, because the artist's brand is beyond the borders of this country and is not known yet. She is endowed with an extremely deep, low and beautiful voice reminiscent of Cassandra Wilson herself. She was accompanied by a sensational band in which Max Kochetov on saxophone stood out, as well as an intriguing group of jazz vocals, unfortunately rare.”


Greg Osby (saxophonist and composer):
"With "Ascension”, vocalist/saxophonist Sanja Markovic has crafted a detailed and artistic collection of compositions which forge new directions in contemporary musical design. Her vision, realized through music, presents the full potential of expansive storytelling and an imaginative portrayal of her life and humanity."

K.Scot Sparks (trumpeteer, composer and art professor) "...Enter Sanja Markovic and her recent project, Ascension.  I, for one, am waiting carefully for the present tone and phrase (from ASCENSION) to winsomely manifest the profoundly shareable Meaning; her first few bars have taught me to do so. Even in our present consumerist mess of culture, Substance yet convicts; when its emanation from a body is ‘ipso facto’ one from real Insight, the collective head must turn.  Indeed, awake; and heads way up! ’ This set of verbal and harmonic constellations pertains to embodiment rather than to mere signing; it therein portends great things. Arrangements, ensemble work, and solos are dependably fine; it’s  all gloriously haunted, though, by a vocal-compositional vision that only sometimes falls short of the prophetic. Don’t miss these transformative transformations. ..."

Nicola Conte (composer, guitarist, producer): ”KINDRED SPIRITS... The more I go through these times the more I feel the urge for music to be not an accomplished form of flattery and entertainment but art that may elevate our spirit to higher spaces so welcome Sanja Markovic, your music is here to share these feelings with its beauty, a breeze from the East.”

Composition "Sovereign State of Mind" has won an "Award with a Distinction" at the 5th International Jazz Composition Contest in Katowice, Poland, December 2018.

“This album, symbolically named ”Ascension”, is my own ascendance as a musician, a being and a part of the whole. I believe it carries the light of truth and colors of a dream. I hope it reaches many.”


Live performance: