In 2017 she produces her first jazz album “Ascension” that consists of seven original songs and one remake. The material will soon be gaining one original bonus track and the album will be released locally for “Pop Depression” label by the end of this year. 

After debuting at the Belgrade Jazz Festival 2017, Sanja has performed this material at Metropolis Jazz Fest in February 2018. Song "Sovereign State of Mind" wins an "Award with a Distinction" at 5th International Jazz Composition Contest in Katowice, Poland.

Tim Dickeson, a "Jazz Wise" journalist, about the performance at the Belgrade Jazz Festival:
"Sanja Markovic (only vocalist at the festival) performed songs from her debut albums "Ascension". She is also an excellent saxophonist and composer, but her real power, to me, is in her voice - deep and exciting, with that emotion which makes you want to listen to her over and over again."

Marcin Puławski (LMF Poland):
"We had to wait until the last day of the festival for more Serbian artists where appeared, among others phenomenal Sanja Marković - composer, singer and multi-instrumentalist. Her concert was a great surprise, because the artist's brand is beyond the borders of this country and is not known yet. She is endowed with an extremely deep, low and beautifully voice reminiscent of Cassandra Wilson herself. She was accompanied by a sensational band in which Maks Kotchetov (saxophone) stood out, as well as an intriguing group of vocals, in jazz style, unfortunately rare."

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