Sanja Markovic (composer, jazz vocalist, instrumentalist, arranger and producer) was born in Belgrade, and lived on the East Coast of the United States where she studied piano. She gained a Master’s degree at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade, Serbia. In addition to engaging in various theaters (Terazije Theater, Belgrade Drama Theater and Zvezdara Theater), composing music for DAH Theater - Center for Theater Research) and “The Secondhanders” - music/theater group (SKC, KCSG, Cvijeta Zuzoric, "Donau Fest" Ulm, Germany). In New York, Sanja co-operates with a videographic house for whome she regularly composes music. Other commercial clients include: United Nations (NYC), Leo Burnett (NYC), etc.

In Hoboken, NJ, she builds knowledge of being a music producer by working as an intern at the “Water Music Studio”, under menthorship of Rob Grenoble. She also tought piano and music theory in NYC schools.

Upon returning to Belgrade, she actively performs as a jazz singer. She writes her own arrangement for the Big Band ("The Mystery of Man", Big Band RTS) and performs it live at Kolarac concert hall 2012. In October 2014, she formed a band" Brazilian Jazz Collective” with whom she regularly performed as a jazz singer and guitarist (Arlemm festival,KCSG, Trg republike, numerous jazz clubs).

She has produced her first album "Ascension" (coming out soon) and has performed at Belgrade Jazz Festival 2017 and Metropolis Jazz Fest 2018. Song "Sovereign State of Mind" wins an "Award with a Distinction" at 5th International Jazz Composition Contest in Katowice, Poland.

“This album, symbolically named ”Ascension”, is my own ascendance as a musician, a being and a part of the whole. I believe it carries the light of truth and colors of a dream. I hope it reaches many.”