Gentle and wondrous effects of my childhood have left me little choice but to never step aside from music and creation. Toggling as a teenager between East Coast US and my hometown of Zemun (Belgrade, Serbia), I’ve continued on my varying musical path from studying classical music to developing a passion and taste for live jazz music. United States has given me a chance to linger on a path of piano studies at Eastern Music Festival in Greensboro, NC, and continue on that path with Eva Pierrou in Washinton D.C.

In Belgrade, I’ve attained a Masters Degree in Music Theory and Pedagogy, majoring in Music Harmony.

Expressing my ideas in these past four years has led me to embarking upon a solitary path of composition and music production. Recently, while in NYC, I’ve learned from an acknowledged music producer Rob Grenoble of “Water Music” Studio in Hoboken, NJ.

Between performing as a jazz singer, leading a band "Brazilian Jazz Collective", performances in theaters and with conceptual bands, composing commercial music for documentaries, websites, campaigns, commercials, and theaters, stands what I am.