Sanja Markovic (composer, jazz vocalist, instrumentalist and producer) was born in Belgrade, and lived on the East Coast of the United States. She gained a Master’s degree at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade, Serbia. 

"Gentle and wondrous effects of my childhood have left me little choice but to never step aside from music and love of creation. Toggling as a teenager between East Coast US and my hometown of Zemun (Belgrade, Serbia), I’ve continued on my varying musical path from studying classical music to developing a passion and taste for live jazz music. Expressing my ideas in these past years has led me to embarking upon a solitary path of composition and music production."

In addition to engaging in various theaters and music/theater group as a composer and performer (e.x. The Secondhanders), Sanja actively performed as a jazz singer, writing her own arrangement for the Big Band (Kolarac concert hall, Belgrade). Parallel to that, she had developed a taste for short semi-commercial forms and had a few good clients (e.x. Leo Burnet, United Nations). Sanja has also learned a bit about music production at the “Water Music Studio” with Rob Grenoble, Hoboken, NJ - a love that was first started next to her father and uncle who had worked at two influental studios in old Yugoslavia.

Upon returning to Belgrade, Sanja formed " Brazilian Jazz Collective” with whom she regularly performed as a jazz singer and guitarist (Arlemm festival,KCSG, Trg republike, numerous jazz clubs).

And lastly, a new creative chapter had began with Sanja producing her first album "Ascension" that is to be released early spring 2020.